Every drug has it's side-effects but some are stranger than others. Here are some of the weirdest ever reported.

Requip, a drug used for restless leg syndrome has been shown to increase ones desire for sex and gambling.

Mirapex a drug used to control the symptoms of parkinson’s disease has been shown to cause Amnesia and Hallucinations.

Colored Urine
We all know yellow, but have you seen green, blue, purple or even black? A number of drugs have been shown to drastically change the color of your urine. These include, phenazopyridine, a drug used to treat urinary tract infection pain, deferoxamine used to treat iron poisoning, phenolphthalein, a laxitive, elavil, an antidepressant, robaxin, a muscle relaxant, and diuretic, used to treat hypertension and edema. Several antibiotics including flagyl and furazolidone have also been shown to change the color of urine.

Is a drug commonly given to military and tourists traveling overseas. It is used to prevent and treat outbreaks of malaria, however it’s also been shown to cause people frightening hallucinations and violent psychotic behavior.

Lunesta and Ambien are both drugs used to help people sleep, however there has been wide spread reporting of people using these drugs not just sleepwalking, but sleep eating, sleep driving and having sex in their sleep.

Bowel Movements
Popular weight-loss drug, Xenical better known as Alli, blocks the absorption of fat into the body, however that fat has to go somewhere, causing users to have gas and oily discharge as well as urgent bowel movements. Better pack an extra pair of pants.