Different medicines affect the body in different ways.

How does taking medicine help you feel better? What does a pill do in your body to relieve you of pain or sickness? There are hundreds of different ways that a medicine can accomplish this, here are some that might be familiar to you. Some medicines are meant to replace something the body is missing. A good example of this are diabetics who require insulin because their pancreas isn’t capable of producing enough of it on it’s own. Other medicines block something the bodies producing too much of. Anti-inflammatory medicines, for example, block the metabolic pathways that tell the body to produce the chemicals that cause inflammation. This causes someone to feel less pain. Antibiotics kill bacteria or prevent it from growing inside your body. In contrast, immunizations introduce foreign molecules into your body, allowing your body to build defenses against it. Getting a flu shot is essentially getting a little bit of the flu so your body can build defenses and protect you against catching the flu.