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Pillsmart is a website and ad campaign to encourage young adults to think above and beyond common notions and commercial messages of pharmaceuticals. Pillsmart encourages people to participate in safe medicine usage by providing factual information through satirical critique of the pharmaceutical industry. The project culminated in an installation included in the Cleveland Institute of Art BFA show. A room was transformed into a mock drug store simply called "The Pharmacy", where people could explore Pillsmart and question the visuals and messages that they confront in pharmaceutical settings.


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Findings Document

The Pharmacy

Photos of The Pharmacy installation at The Cleveland Institute of Art, May 2010. Photos by Michelle Ginther


Selected sections from Pillsmart website. Experience the full website here.

The Ads

Selected posters and magazine advertisements from Pillsmart. To view the entire collection visit The Pillsmart ad gallery .

Findings Document

The following are excerpts from the Pillsmart Findings Document. You can check out the whole document here.
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